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This Guide is a work in progress…

Please get in touch is you have any questions or wish to contribute.

What you need to know about Basketball Insight

On this page is plenty of helpful information and guidance on all of the key aspects of Basketballnsight.info, or as we often call it, BI.

New to BaksetballInsight? Start here

Congratulations, you are now part of the internet’s savviest online community of serious NBA fans and punters, with access to a vast array of statistics and resources to help you get more out of your Basketball fan experience. But before you jump in, here are a few pointers to ensure you get the most out of BI (and if you do punt, to get better punting returns):

    • Please take the time to read this guide carefully (it’s not too long) and should you have any questions do not hesitate to send us an email.
    • If you plan on using our resources for tennis betting then please do so carefully.

Tip: The vast array of information here at TennisInsight can give you a sense of over-confidence. We have seen people join BI thinking they are about to make a fortune out of NBA betting only to quickly lose their cash. The trick is to take your time, get to know BI, its resources and the member community. In quick time you will start to see how best to utilise BI, what members you trust and want to follow, and how to incorporate this information into your betting decisions.

  • If at any time you have a question, not only can you send us an email but you can also post questions to other users and BI Moderators who will be glad to help you out.

BasketballInsight Values

Our ultimate goal is to provide an environment that does everything possible to help all members get more out of their NBA experience. For most users this means (hopefully) good betting profits but it also means a lot more. NBA punting should be fun, so we appreciate some good humour along the way. We also think that it’s more interesting when you make your own betting decisions (using the communities resources as a guide of course!) This affords the opportunity for self learning, growth and development – which transcends all areas of your life. But enough on the philosophy, our values in a nutshell:

  • Experiment & innovate
  • Learn & grow
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Community & synergy
  • Respect

We’re interested in having good Mods to help uphold positive user conduct instill the values of the site so please do get in contact with us if you would like to assist.

Like what you see? Cheer a Post

Liking posts are your way of acknowledging other BI users contributions in proportion to the value they contribute to your overall experience with BI and with betting in general. All users can accrue likes from fellow users by contributing their tips, analysis and in fact any information that fellow BI users may find useful.

You can award Likes by Cheering a post – simply click on the HEART adjacent a post.

In assessing the value of a fellow user there are many factors to consider. For example a highly successful tipster may go close to winning the overall BI earnings and yet contribute limited value (e.g. they might simply copy the tips of an established winning tipster, or they might always tip extremely late and thus offer little chance for others to benefit). Similarly insight and analysis may vary widely in it’s value – is it new insight or a repeated view? Is it helpful in forming a betting decision? Does the user that provided the insight have a good track record?

Hence Likes are the great leveler – they let you ‘vote’ for the users you find most valuable. Imagine your Likes were real money and you had to pay the BI populace in a way to encourage the best contributors to stay around. That is the intended use of sharing Likes.

If you see a Post you like and you want to see more posts like it, then Cheer the Post

Your Insight: Tips on Submitting GREAT Insight

‘Insight’ lets you share your expert NBA knowledge with the rest of the BI community. Whilst there are plenty of chat rooms devoted to NBA, Insight is intended to be a little different and indeed far more useful. Our aim for Insight is to let NBA experts share useful knowledge in a contextual manner.

In order to achieve this aim, we ask you to make your Insight contributions useful, contextual, and constructive.

Examples of useful information include:

  • player quotes;
  • information about player fitness, fatigue and injuries;
  • observations about recent performances (or previous H2H performances) such as match stats or anything noteworthy;
  • style of play and how it matches up to the opponent and/or the conditions;
  • state of mind, motivation for the game;
  • your analysis or preview of the game;
  • your post-game assessment (you can add your Insight to any historical game in our database);
  • your analysis of the Insight Model predictions and why you think it may be valid or flawed; and
  • any other information your fellow NBA enthusiasts will benefit from!

Your Insight posts are tied to a specific game. This contextual information means that as you navigate through recaps of historical games you will be able to see comments that recreate the context under which those games were played – which we hope will provide profound insight and learning to assist your NBA knowledge and punting acumen.

As statistical modellers and part-time gamblers we appreciate just how difficult it can be to predict NBA player performance – so remember that while it is all too easy to criticise, we kindly ask you to make any criticism constructive!

Posting Guidelines and Code of Conduct

All users that contribute as part of the TI community are expected to do so in line with the values of TennisInsight.com as listed above and in accordance with our policies and guidelines as follows:

User Access levels

>> Free

All users get access to all aspects of the BI service and are granted the opportunity to make tips and contribute Insight (and useful insight is always encouraged – no matter how often or rarely you would like to contribute). Users also have the ability to hand out Aces which play an important role in acknowledging valuable TI members (read more about aces below).

>> Champions

Champions help BI with results and match statistics in order to keep the site as up to date as possible. This is particularly helpful for game stats so that a players current week averages can be displayed (see section on match stats). Ideally these statistics would be provided in real time from another provider – however given the cost and integration issues we feel this is a nice solution. If you would like to be a champion user and help BI maintain the statistics then please drop us an email. Include some information about yourself and why you would make a good ‘champion’.

>> Moderators (Mods)

Moderators can contribute results and statistics just like champions. In addition Mods help uphold the values of the the site (see above). Moderators have the authority to delete posts and tips and to guide other users as to appropriate behaviour on BI.

We’re always looking for good Mods so if you would like to be a one please drop us an email and tell us why you would make a good ‘Mod’. Note that if you don’t post much – this is not a problem – we want users that access the site often and can offer some commitment to uphold/instill our values amongst the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not covered above, or in the following FAQs, please drop us an email and if it’s a good one we’ll add it here!

Q: How can I distribute Likes to other users?

A: You can award Aces by Cheering a post. Click on the heart icon of a post to give that user 5 aces.

Q: Why should I distribute Likes to other users?

A: Likes are your way of recognising others contributions to the community and encouraging them to keep participating.

Q: How do I place a tip?

A: Click on a Player or Game and click “ADD INSIGHT” and then follow the prompts. Or at any time throughout the site you Click the + Icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Q: Is there a search?

A: Yes! The search box at the top of the page will find Users, Players, Teams and Blog posts.

Q: I would like to access the BI Data directly. How can I do so?

A: We are currently developing our API. Please send us an email if you are interesting in trailing it out.

Not seeing enough? We plane to expand on this guide in the near future with the following outline…

What is Basketball Insight

How it works





Value vs Outcome

Providing Insight

Picking a Player

BI Score

Picking a Team

Player Leaderboards

Member Leaderboards


The Buzzer

Providing Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

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